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Admission open for new session 2019-20 and classes will start from 5th April.


  1. EXCELLENCE results in JEE ADVANCE, JEE Mains, AIIMS, NEET & Different Professional Colleges.
  2. Focus on NCERT syllabus.
  3. Personal coaching by renowned senior teachers (not by under-teacher)
  4. Individual attention to every student
  5. Multi media teaching
  6. Extensive notes and practice material

Mahavir Public Senior Secondary School, Sundernagar

Mahavir Public Senior Secondary School is one of the best School in Himachal Pradesh, providing the highest quality and truly international standards of education. Mahavir Public School holds firm in its belief that students do their best and teaching becomes productive when research is underlined as a criteria for scholarship, systematically guided by dedicated and quality teaching.

We place a particular emphasis on the development of qualities of leadership and teamwork.

The school has impeccable infrastructure for learning and a well equipped staff of qualified teachers who are deeply conscious of their stellar part that they play in not just teaching students but in shaping and molding the citizens of tomorrow.

Ever since its inception, the school has made rapid progress in every area. Its alumni have reached top positions. Many of them are plonking at high positions in Medicine, Engineering, Academics, Defence, Administration and the Corporate World.



  1. To provide modern and progressive educational facilities at a reasonable cost to the children.
  2. To nurture the student with rich capability of facing the challenge life efficiently and carve out their future.
  3. To provide all round best education to our students and to achieve the academic excellence along with personality development.
  4. To imbibe a sense of discipline, faith, hard work, leadership and consciousness towards their duties.


  1. To work for the welfare of the students.
  2. To impart quality educationwhich enlightens the progress and prosperity of individual as well as nation.
  3. To inculcate the scense of leadership and management.
  4. To make students avail the opportunities to achieve academic excellence.

Massage from Principal

It gives me a great pleasure to look after the academics and administration of Mahavir Public Senior Secondary School. The school name speaks itself. We aim at moral education with an edge. Education for us means overall grooming of a child where he or she comes as a student, but leaves our institution not as a preaches or teacher, but a human being who can make a difference in the society.